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Dean Masserman

Attorney and Counselor at Law, Vorzimer/Masserman – Fertility & Family Law Center

Dean Masserman

Dean Masserman founded the law firm Vorzimer/Masserman – Fertility & Family Law Center in 1994. In 1998 Mr. Masserman obtained the first pre-birth parentage judgment (PBO) in a surrogacy case in U.S. history for a heterosexual couple, and a few weeks later did the same for a gay couple. That success laid the groundwork for Mr. Masserman and a small group of attorneys to write California’s surrogacy laws which were added to the California Family Code as Section 7962 in 2014. Mr. Masserman is well known as an expert in all facets of reproductive law including, surrogacy/egg donation transactional contracts; disputes involving frozen embryos and genetic materials; disposition of embryos; and all reproductive litigation. Mr. Masserman is a highly experienced and respected trial lawyer, who has handled more than 40 jury trials and 9000 contested court trials and substantive hearings, in both federal and state court.


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