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Dr. Alyssa Small Layne

OBGYN, fertility surgeon, and fibroid expert, Junie

Dr. Alyssa Small Layne

Introducing Dr. Alyssa Small Layne. As a top OBGYN, fertility surgeon, and fibroid expert, she loves helping people. Guess what? She's been in your shoes! She tried IVF, had miscarriages, and even had an emergency hysterectomy. Still dreaming of being a mother, Alyssa and her husband turned to surrogacy, but surrogacy was so confusing. They knew there had to be a better way. And they figured it out! They did surrogacy for less than $60,000 without any agency's help. Then, they created Junie to help other people finally have their babies. Alyssa's here to share her secrets about making your family's dreams come true without getting lost or tricked. No ties to clinics or agencies, just honest advice. Come learn from her at the talk about avoiding scams in surrogacy. Let Alyssa guide you in building your dream family safely!


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