Unsere Experten

Simon Hedley

Managing Director, IVF Couriers

Simon manages the business, operations and logistics side of the team. He brings with him a wide range of business management experience in regional as well as international airport operations. His career background in freight-forwarding, air cargo, logistics and assistance, coupled with his experience and expertise in both trade body negotiation and the organization and transportation of dangerous goods cargo led to the creation of IVF Couriers with Annare in 2012. Whilst fertility samples are by no means ‘dangerous’ goods, the detailed processes and safe guards involved are of paramount importance in transit.

British in origin, with a childhood spent in Kenya, Simon is bi-lingual English and French and resides in France where his family is being raised in a multi-cultural community. Creative, pragmatic, generous and resourceful, his significant experience in cross-cultural relations and diplomacy ensures that IVF Couriers keeps it’s thinking cap on with new ideas and innovations to improve service and delivery.

Along with Annare, Kate and the entire courier team, Simon personally organizes and hand carries shipments over, under and around the world to ensure that promises are kept.


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