Wish for a Baby

19. – 20. Oktober 2024 Sartory-Säle, Köln

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Wish for a Baby has now been running events across the world for almost a decade, with a well cemented reputation for delivering qualified leads from well informed, intended parents.

We don’t just introduce you to people, we introduce you to the right people.

Whether visitors are just thinking about starting a family, have been trying for some time or wish for more children, WFB has been created to help all.

The event is organised to a set of principles ensuring it provides a sympathetic and trusted environment that supports and protects all participants; visitors, clinics, therapists, experts, associations and speakers.

Our decision to partner with Five Senses Media as a headline sponsor in Berlin, Cologne and Paris was made with careful consideration, as we seek to align ourselves with organizations that exemplify excellence in their field. The "Wish For a Baby" event has proven to be an outstanding example of such an alliance, showcasing attributes that resonate with our own values and commitment to excellence in fertility care.

The alignment of our values, the professionalism of the organizers, and the positive impact on attendees make this an invaluable opportunity for us to support and engage with the fertility community. We are so pleased with the event that we have already committed to being the headline sponsor next year. We are eager to see how this event will evolve and look forward to contributing to its success in the years to come.

Dr Minoos Hosseinzadeh, The Fertility Institute of San Diego

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The International Fertility Forum Project FF 01

The International Fertility Forum (IFF) is a brand-new event that brings together top clinics, agencies and suppliers from across the world to forge the all-important partnerships at the heart of our global network.

We all know that making connections and developing strong working relationships is vital to success in this industry. IFF provides a safe space for conversation and exploration that could change your business – and your prospects over the next year.

You will have an opportunity to speak to every other attendee, whether you’re catching up with a trusted colleague or learning about an opportunity you didn’t know possible, this new event is where you’ll make significant business connections.

With two 30 minute keynote speeches from innovative industry leaders and an informal street food and drinks party into the evening – you’ll leave inspired and delighted.

A perfect partner to Wish for a Baby Brussels (taking place the next day), anyone exhibiting over the weekend will receive a free ticket to The International Fertility Forum.

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Wish For a Baby is organised by Five Senses Media. Our team has decades of experience running award-winning customer health shows all over the world. Organising dedicated patient-facing events presents a unique set of legal and operational challenges, and it's only through our seasoned expertise that we navigate these complexities with confidence.

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